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  1. Videos and pictures add great value and make the content easy to understand.
  2. The treatment section details several techniques and modalities that are effective basics in hand therapy or static splinting.
  3. Video demonstration again offers useful insight int the “how to” of the relevant treatment.

A CPD accredited Q&A assessment at the end of the course will help ensure you have consolidated all important aspects.

  1. The Basic Hand Therapy course includes a 30 minute one-on-one session with one of the course developers – what a great opportunity to fine tune your skills. This is also CPD accredited time!
  2. All demo videos and pictures are a great visual quick reference and “how to” from hand therapists working in the field of hand therapy on a daily basis!

All this for R850.

rehab hands online hand therapy course

This course is a comprehensive overview of the basics of hand therapy assessment and treatment.

It covers the basic assessment techniques you will need to be an effective hand therapist.

The ASSESSMENT section includes:

  • History taking
  • Visual comparison
  • Pain assessment and standardized scales
  • Oedema – types, assessment scales and measurement techniques
  • Skin integrity
  • Wounds
  • Scar – assessment scales and types of scar
  • Sensibility and Sensitivity – assessment techniques
  • Nerve presentations
  • ROM- measurement techniques and demos, TAM, standardized normative data (finger to shoulder)
  • Ligament integrity and assessment
  • FDP/FDS testing
  • Strength – grasp and pinch

The TREATMENT section includes:

  • Pain
  • Oedema – techniques, patterns and demo videos
  • Wound and skin integrity
  • Scar – treatment techniques, silicone, pressure garments and taping
  • Sensitivity/Sensibility
  • Range – exercises and measurement
  • Strength
  • Home programmes
Oneline Courses Rehab Hands Static Splinting

This course is a comprehensive overview of static splinting of the hand and forearm.

It covers the basic assessment techniques you will need to splint your injured patients effectively.

A brief overview of the Course:

  • Introduction to hand splinting
  • Why do we splint the hand
  • Splinting risks
  • Clinical assessment of the hand and forearm prior to splinting
  • Pattern considerations
  • Thermoplastic material qualities
  • Splinting pattern principles
  • Strapping and “how to”
  • Semi Rigid splints and when to use them
  • How to make a splint pattern
  • Forearm and hand based splints and how to make them as well as what diagnoses may be applicable
  • Splints covered include:
    1. Volar resting splint
    2. Dorsal back slab
    3. Wrist extension splint
    4. Thumb spica splint- forearm and hand based
    5. Hand based MCPJ flexion splint- radial and ulnar sided
    6. Hand based MCPJ extension splint
    7. Relative motion splint
    8. Gutter splints (and varieties thereof)
    9. H/ oval 8 type finger splints

With each of the above splints a pattern and detailed description on the fabrication of the splint is explained.

I am an occupational therapist who has been working in adult physical rehabilitation for several years. I found the Basics of Hand Therapy course insightful, refreshing and relevant, as I often deal with patients with decreased joint ROM, scar tissue and oedema. It was good revision for theory and certain skills that I was taught numerous years ago.

There was a good balance between theoretical knowledge and helpful videos and images. The slides that are available on PDF will ensure that I can have the info handy for future use.

I will definitely recommend this course and am looking forward to participating in future courses!

Marike G.

I recently completed the Basics of Hand Therapy online course. It was very informative and provides a variety of resources to the participant, including a one-on-one information/support session should you need this (this is the only online course I have done which offers this).

I would really recommend this course, especially to community service therapists or new therapists looking to better their skills in hand therapy. There are also videos and pictures on how to do various treatment modalities which was extremely helpful. Thank you Rehab Hands for the fantastic information and guidance!

Bronwyn H.

Thank you for this amazingly well planned and presented course on Static Hand Splinting. As a Physiotherapist working with hands, I never get the experience to learn how to fabricate the splints that I see on a daily basis. This gives me so much more insight on how to manage hand injuries even better.

This was so convenient to attend in the comfort of my own home. Money well spent, thank you very much!

Ronel S.

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