Hands Splinting





DURATION: 2 WEEKS (From the date of the course purchase or registration)


Basics of static splinting of the forearm and hand.

A comprehensive overview of the basics of static splinting of the hand and forearm. This course covers the basic assessment techniques you will need to effectively splint your injured patients. Videos and pictures add great value and make the content easy to understand. Each splint module is broken down into a pattern and fabrication section. Video demonstration again offers useful insight into the “how to” of hand therapy splinting.

A brief overview of the course:
• Introduction to hand splinting
• Why do we splint the hand
• Splinting risks
• Clinical assessment of the hand and forearm prior to splinting
• Pattern considerations
• Thermoplastic material qualities
• Splinting pattern principles
• Strapping and “how to”
• Semi Rigid splints and when to use them
• How to make a splint pattern
• Forearm and hand based splints and how to make them as well as what diagnoses may be applicable

Splints covered include:
o Volar resting splint
o Dorsal back slab
o Wrist extension splint
o Thumb spica splint- forearm and hand based
o Hand based MCPJ flexion splint- radial and ulnar sided
o Hand based MCPJ extension splint
o Relative motion splint
o Gutter splints (and varieties thereof)
o H/ oval 8 type finger splints

With each of the above splints a pattern and detailed description on the fabrication of the splint is explained.

A Q and A document at the end of the course will help ensure you have consolidated all important aspects.

Demo videos and pictures are a great visual quick reference and “how to” for hand therapists working in the field of hand therapy on a daily basis!

REHAB HANDS PTY Ltd is hosting the course (Hand Splinting) that has been developed by
Eliot-Righele and Munro Occupational Therapists Inc.

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