Injury On Duty

Injury on Duty patient (COIDA/IOD/FEMA/RMA) information


This practice is further able to offer comprehensive quality in and out-patient therapy for patients injured on duty, covered by COIDA/WCA.

IOD in patient therapy is provided at Milpark Hospital and on request at other locations. Out-patient upper limb/hand therapy is provided in any of the four locations.

We accept patients from the following funders: Workman’s Compensation Association (WCA), Compensation for Occupational Injuries on Duty Association (COIDA), Federated Employers Mutual Association (FEMA) and Rand Mutual Association (RMA).

Required Paperwork

First medical report, patient ID document, employer’s report and a referral to the therapist. If all the above paperwork is in order, the patient can receive quality intervention and the relevant above-mentioned association pays for the account.

This service is offered to in-patients and out-patients.

In-Patient Therapy

This treatment includes Trauma ICU/ Neuro ICU/Burns ICU therapy, splinting in hospital and implementation of acute stage therapy programmes.

Out-Patient Therapy

Out-patient treatment covers all aspects of UPPER LIMB/HAND therapy: Wound care (in collaboration with wound care specialists where needed), splinting, oedema/swelling management, mobilisation, strengthening and return to work activities.

Work-Site Evaluations

As it is imperative that patients are able to achieve the best possible hand function and return to pre-injury jobs, we are in continuous discussion with employers and assist in the return to work phase. Work site and job task evaluations are performed where necessary and recommendations regarding modifications are made to the employer and implemented jointly by the therapist and employer. We offer work hardening/ return to work rehabilitation activities to ensure that patients are fit to return to their job tasks. Close collaboration with the employer is of paramount importance in this phase of rehabilitation.