Neuro Rehabilitation

In Hospital

Conditions treated

Neuro rehabilitation therapies treat Spinal injuries (at all levels – paraplegia and quadriplegia) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injuries)

Occupational therapists treat using purposeful activity and interventions/techniques to assist patients’ to improve or restore the maximum level of functional independence in activities of daily living. In an acute neuro/ICU setting these include personal management aspects (dressing, washing, feeding etc) and as an out-patient may include work and community re-integration.


Occupational Therapy treatment is started in the ICU setting and then continues to an in-patient or out-patient rehabilitation facility. We only offer therapy in the acute (in-hospital) stage.

Upon discharge from the hospital patients are referred to specialised rehabilitation facilities where Occupational Therapists within the rehab setting take over the patients’ care.


For some neurological patients assistance is needed in improving reduced cognitive functions such as memory, orientation to person, place and time or planning with regards to daily tasks. Whereas for others it may be more focused on removing physical barriers to independence through the use of assistive devices and facilitated movement to perform aspects of personal management (dressing, washing, feeding etc).